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Price for one year at the education is 55.000 kr.

eather 1st, 2nd or 3rd year.

Season is august 27th 2018 - june 16th 2019.


The education can be paid as a one time fee or in rates. Write for more information.





Sunday March 25th 2018 16.00-20.00

Sunday May 27th 2018 15.00-19.00

Sunday June 24th 2018 15.00-19.00


You'll find the application form down below. Please fill it out and send it in at least a week before the chosen audition date. You decide one of the three dates, as your audition day. (It can be beneficial to choose an early date.)








The sheet music for your selected song should be written score with chords, easily readable, in a key that suits your voice. If you only can find the sheet as chords, firm measure lines is a must + an audio file.

Send the sheet (or audiofile) to


Your song shouldn't be longer than 3 minutes, preferably shorter, although you don't need to perform the whole song. The genre can be pop, musical, opera, operette, jazz, rock. There will be a professional pianist present.


Your acting scene/monologue should be 3 minutes maximum and from a theatrical play, that has premiered at a professional theatre, either in Denmark or abroad. The scene could also be part of a film. Find a text that speaks to you, and preferably one, where you show a shift emationally. If you need a cue word giver, mention it in your application form.



You don't need to have taken acting classes before. But you need to be very well prepared, and know your scene by heart. The words needs to be deeply rooted inside you, so you can concentrate on the feelings, expression, timing and arrangement.


There will be two different dance genres. Here all applicants dances together and has a professional teacher to show the instructions.


There will be a jury representing each of the three genres, dance, singing and acting, as well as one for musical and one for the mental aspect. Theu might want to work a bit with you at the audition.


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Remember, you don't need to excel in everything!

But we expect you to be musical, sing in key and have experience in at least one genre. Also we expect you to have a natural talent for acting.


We expect and hope that you're open to improvising, if one of our teachers wants to try out different paths to see if you're able to adjust/change what you've already learned, into something else. We hope that you're open and flexible and have a great attitude towards the other students and the teachers. We also hope and expect that performing is something that you hold dearly and something you want to become good at. But remember, the most important thing is that you challenge yourself and show up at the audition!


Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. You will be taught/warmed up in two dance genres, for us to determine how you receive dance instructions. You don't need to have tried these genres before.


A day after the audition the students are notified by mail, if they're accepted at the performance education.


Don't be afraid to show up at the audition! We know that it's impossible to be equally good at singing, dancing and acting, before taking an education. And we do have different levels at the education.


If you have any questions don´t hesitate to send us an e-mail:


We are looking forward to welcoming you.


Enjoy your audition.



Kind regards

Maria Savery and crew